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Posters, videos, songs and more on an anti-bullying theme produced by Oxfordshire young people

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Every year, Oxfordshire anti-bullying partnership holds a competition in Oxfordshire where schools and youth groups are challenged to produce excellent education materials around anti-bullying.

Contributions include posters, leaflets, videos, songs and creative writing. The winning entries receive £100 for anti-bullying work in their school or youth setting, but all entries are published on our young person's website.

You can see the posters above for those of secondary school age , read on for anti-bullying music, videos and more. Want to see more for younger young people - see the winners from primary school age on Boombox.

Anti-Bullying Videos

Joint Winner 2010 Anti-Bullying Competition: This hard-hitting rap video about a young man being bullied, was written and recorded by CJ Bomb (aka Adrian) at the Banbury Bunker with guest vocals by Jodie and with actors and participation from North Oxfordshire Academy.

Joint Winner 2010 Anti-Bullying Competition: Young People from the “On Course” project produced 2 stop motion animations using plasticine models to make us think about bullying.

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Anti-Bullying Songs

Second prize 2010 Anti-Bullying Competition: Iffley Mead School produced classwork, Anti-Bullying assembly and a song you can listen to below.



These Anti Bullying week jingles were created by pupils at Matthew Arnold School for Anti-bullying Week 2009.

Bullying is hateful and not cool
Bullying is nasty when at school
Would you like being scared and afraid
Take a deep breath and step out of the shade

 Bullying is an issue we all have to face
Whether it's you or one of your mates
It's not fair it's really tough
Stop - that's enough


 There's no need to frown
as you keep your head down
walking into school each day
It's doesn't really hurt
to put yourself first
and ask for a little help
don't be pushed around
just make a little sound
and help will come your way

Anti-bullying books and presentations

Joint First Prize 2010 Anti-Bullying Competition: Blake Primary School Year 1 for their story board entry.



This anti-bullying song was written, performed and produced by Oxfordshire Young People's Anti-Bullying Advisory Group 2009 in association with the Ark-T Youth Music Project. It features the talents of Callum, Charlie, Chloe, Ellie, Helen, James, Lloyd, Paris, Michael, Natasha, Ollie and Sabrina. The posters are competition entries from the 2008 Anti-Bullying competition.

Anti Bullying
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The judges would like to thank everyone for their entries which show the high standard of work that young people area doing to promote anti-bullying in their schools and youth settings. Keep up the good work and if you would like to tell us about anti-bullying work that you are doing please contact

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